‘Local Schools For Local Children’

Glasgow City Council strongly advocates a policy of ‘Local Schools for Local Children‘. This ensures that schools foster community ties. Children and their families can benefit from community support and cohesion.

Supporting The Local Community

Notre Dame High is a local council-run catchment school. Due to the single sex policy means the local community is not supported.

It is one of the top performing schools in Glasgow. Furthermore, it is located in an area with rapidly rising schools rolls. However, fewer local children attend Notre Dame High every year.

Notre Dame High is not serving the local community

81% Notre Dame High live outside the catchment area. It is the only catchment school in Glasgow that relies almost entirely on placing requests to fill classrooms.

Above all children from Notre Dame High’s catchment area are being excluded from their local high school. As a result this forces children to travel outside of their local area to attend alternative schools.

However, a co-educational Notre Dame High would allow all catchment boys and girls to go to their local school together.

So this would allow pupils to take part in community engagement. Moreover, they would become effective contributors to their local area. Likewise, after-school activities would be more accessible.

Obviously a change to the entry criteria at Notre Dame High will enable it to support its local community as a catchment-based, council-run high school.


The results from the Consultation survey have now been shared to the campaign group by Education Services.

The good news is that Option 3 (Change to be a co-educational denominational secondary school and alter the catchment area) received the majority of votes with 45.7% of the vote.

The bad news is that the Notre Dame for Girls campaign is claiming victory by adding the Option 1 and Option 2 totals together to claim 53.6% of the vote.

You still have time to influence the decision by emailing your local Councillor to tell them why Notre Dame High should be made co-ed.

It just needs a couple of sentences from you to remind Councillors co-education is the change that Glaswegians vote for.

If you are unsure of your local Councillor you can use the Glasgow website below to find Councillor, party and email address