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Show your support for a consultation on Notre Dame High this year.

Please sign the Petition for a consultation this year to put an end to state funded discrimination of boys in Scotland.

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State funded discrimination of boys

Notre Dame High School does not admit boys because of their gender.

– Local boys and girls at Notre Dame Primary School (NDPS) have no right to be educated locally together.
– NDPS girls have no right to attend a co-educational school.
– NDPS boys have no right to secondary education locally.
– This splits up NDPS pupils, brothers, sisters and friends when they attend secondary school.
– A consultation held by the council this year would allow everyone to have their say.

Consultation confirmed but no date set by Council

Glasgow City Council is the last remaining Council in Scotland that funds single sex education.

The council has confirmed a consultation will take place but no date has been confirmed.

A number of Councillors have given their public support for a consultation this year.

Glasgow Council History of Fairness

Glasgow has a strong history of making bold and right decisions.  We want the Council to be on the right side of history once more. 

In 1981 Glasgow City Council made an historic decision. It was the first city to stand up for Nelson Mandela giving him the freedom of the city and later naming Nelson Mandela place after him. Quickly thereafter 2500 mayors and 56 countries followed suit. It was a brave decision but the right one. 

Thanks from Notre Dame High For All

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