Air Pollution In Glasgow

In 2017 the World Health Organisation reported that Glasgow has worse air pollution than London.

“Glasgow had 16 micrograms of the particles per cubic metre of air, exceeding the 10 micrograms safe limit.” (BBC news Oct 2017)

Reducing Traffic Congestion And Air Pollution

A move to co-education at Notre Dame High will reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.

Over 80% of Notre Dame High pupils currently commute to school from outside the local catchment area.

Meanwhile, many kids from Notre Dame Primary are driven out of area to alternative high schools. This is because Notre Dame High, their local catchment school, refuses them entry.

This causes a huge amount of unnecessary traffic congestion and air pollution.

For example; just 12 Notre Dame Primary kids travelling by car to St Thomas Aquinas daily will have driven more than the equivalent of the full circumference of Earth in one year!

That’s over 26,800 unnecessary car miles, when they could be walking to their local high school instead.

Improving Active Travel

Notre Dame High has one of the poorest rates of active travel among Glasgow Secondaries. Less than 15% of pupils walk or cycle to school. By comparison, neighbouring co-ed secondaries have very high active travel rates.

If Notre Dame High becomes co-educational, the intake of pupils will be localised. Active travel rates will increase in line with other local high schools.

As well as being good for health and wellbeing, this will significantly reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in the local area.