Treating all children equally

Notre Dame High is the only council-run school in Scotland where children are refused entry because of their gender.

The result is that all children, both boys and girls, attending catchment primary schools are uniquely disadvantaged because they are not treated equally.

Girls Have No Right To Co-Education

Source: GCC school entry consultation 2018

Girls attending catchment primary schools, Notre Dame Primary and St Ninian’s Primary, only have a guaranteed place at single-sex Notre Dame High.

To secure a place at any other co-educational school they must submit a placing request. This includes St Thomas Aquinas with their brothers and male peers,

The Council can refuse placing requests when a school is full to capacity.

St Thomas Aquinas, along with Notre Dame’s neighboring co-educational schools, Hillhead High and Hyndland Secondary, are all approaching or above capacity and refusing more and more placing requests every year. In these circumstances, girls have no guarantee of securing a place.

Ending the single-sex policy at Notre Dame High would mean that girls in catchment could be sure of a place in a co-educational school. This would give them the same rights as every other girl in Scotland.

Boys Are Excluded From Their Local High School

The boys from Notre Dame High’s catchment primary schools are the only children in Scotland excluded from their local council high school because of their gender. 

A co-educational Notre Dame High would end this blatant state funded gender discrimination.

Siblings and classmates of different genders Have No Right To Attend The Same High School

Because of single-sex policy at Notre Dame High, siblings and classmates of different genders from catchment primary schools do not have an automatic right to go to the same high school together.

Girls only have a right to attend Notre Dame High. Boys only have a right to attend St Thomas Aquinas.

This leads to the breaking-up of families and long established friendships.

Ending Discrimination

Inclusion of all children at Notre Dame High, regardless of gender, will end discrimination and promote gender equality.

Co-education will ensure that all children in catchment, boys and girls, brothers and sisters, would be treated equally. They would be able to go to their local high school together just like every other child in Scotland.