Consultation Survey Guide

Consultation Survey Guide Overview

N.B: This form will not automatically reply to the Consultation Survey.

This form enables you to select and review Survey responses before submission.

Upon completion of form click the “Send to email supplied above” button.

An email containing your form responses will be emailed to you.

You can review your responses and use this as a guide to completing survey.

Please see front page for key arguments for co-education.

Constraints: Email Response Account

N.B: On Android Device do not provide Outlook, Gmail or Hotmail email response accounts as response email in form. 

Email response accounts except Outlook, Gmail  and Hotmail work on Android devices.

All email response accounts including Gmail, Outlook and Hotmail work for web browsers on Windows operating system.

Response Survey Form

Glasgow City Council Survey Information

The Glasgow City Council survey can be completed here

The consultation runs from 18th March to 26th May 2019

The supporting document can be accessed here