The Story So Far

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– ND Primary parent ballot spring 2017 – 87% (220 families) in favour of a consultation

– Support confirmed from 7 other local parent councils and Archdiocese

– Evidence package sent to GCC to formally request consultation in June 2017.

– Meeting with Maureen McKenna July 2017

– Consultation request declined November 2017

This seems so fundamentally unjust that we believed that it had to change and several parents from Notre Dame Primary School have been working on this issue since 2016.

To be sure of our levels of support, we first balloted all parents in Notre Dame Primary School.

This was a formal and confidential voting process, based on a register of families at the school, one vote per family, asking if people wanted a consultation on this issue to be held.

The count was private, and independently verified and the turnout was 76%. We were delighted at the overwhelming support that was received from the primary school community.

We were also saddened at the stories of so many families and children who were affected by this policy.

On the advice of Maureen McKenna, the Director of Education, we contacted parent councils at all local primary and secondary schools – none of them conducted a ballot but 7 supported a consultation, and the only council who opposed a consultation was at Notre Dame High.

We know that many parents at the high school would like to see change and the only way to be sure of everyone’s views is to have a consultation on this issue.

We investigated school rolls and capacities across the area.

We submitted all of this evidence to the Council in June 2017, asking for formal consideration to be given to holding a consultation on this issue.

In July 2017, we met with Maureen, and put our campaign on hold to give her time to work on this issue, and in November last we were informed that our request for a consultation had been declined.