The Story So Far

Notre Dame Primary School Ballot

Notre Dame Primary School is in the West End of Glasgow. It is a feeder primary school to Notre Dame High school.

Notre Dame Primary School took a ballot of parents in Spring 2017. The ballot was for a Notre Dame High consultation.

The ballot was independently verified. One vote per family was allowed. The count was independently witnessed. The outcome was overwhelming.

76% of all families a Notre Dame Primary school responded in the ballot.

87% of the families that responded voted in favour of a consultation.

Wider Support

Glasgow City Council advised the Notre Dame Primary to gather more local support before it would consider a consultation. This led to the formation of NDH4All.  NDH4All contacted the parent councils of surrounding schools.

Support for a consultation was overwhelming. All local parent councils bar one confirmed their support for a consultation.

The Archdiocese also confirmed it is supportive of a consultation.

In July 2017, the Group submitted an evidence package to Glasgow City Council. We requested that GCC consider a Notre Dame High consultation on co-education.

In November 2017, Education Services rejected our request for a consultation.


The campaign group worked hard to raise awareness. First of all speaking to councillors. Also we got extensive media coverage. We gathered community support. In just three weeks, the NDH4ALL campaign group gathered over 1,800 signatures in a petition. These are from Glasgow residents who support a consultation. This is clear evidence of the desire for change in Glasgow.

Consultation agreed

In February 2018, Glasgow City Council announced there would be a consultation. This is on the entry criteria at Notre Dame High School.

Glasgow City Council committed to hold a consultation in Spring 2019.


The consultation ran over a 10 week period from 18th March to 26th May 2019.

There were three proposed options:

  1. Maintain the status quo
  2. Maintain the single-sex policy with amended catchment area
  3. Change to co-education with amended catchment area

During the consultation period, there were three well attended public meetings at Notre Dame High School, St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School and St Roch’s Secondary School.

The consultation generated a large amount of press interest and was well publicised. This resulted in a very high participation rate with almost 5000 people responding.

Results were released in August 2019. The preferred option, with 45.9% of responses, was option 3: for Notre Dame High to become co-educational.

On Nov 5th 2019 Glasgow City Council Education Services published their CONSULTATION RESPONSE REPORT recommending that Notre Dame High should become co-educational. 

Glasgow City Councillors will vote on the recommendation at the City Administration Committee on Nov 28th 2019.