Why Change?


Notre Dame Primary is only primary school in Scotland  where our children do not have a right to transition to secondary school together as a group, boys and girls.

NDP Girls transition to Notre Dame High (Single-Sex), to which boys aren’t allowed. NDP Boys transition to St Thomas Aquinas (Co-ed), which requires a placing request for girls to attend.

Notre Dame Primary School pupils do not have a right to attend any other local co-ed, non denominational secondary school and can can only attend via placing request.

“The impact of the primary-secondary transition goes beyond immediate post-transfer anxieties to have a much more significant, longer-term effect on pupil well-being and learning” – Transition matters: pupils’ experiences of the primary-secondary school transition in the West of Scotland and consequences for well-being and attainment (West et al 2010).

Notre Dame Primary P7 classes are being scattered to as many as 12 different secondary schools, missing out on a formal collaborative transition process and causing anxiety amongst NDP children at such a formative point in their lives.


Notre Dame High is the only state funded single-sex school in Scotland.

While Glasgow City Council, Equality Impact Assessment states that “The Council has a statutory duty to promote race, disability and GENDER equality”, Glasgow City Council is the last council to stand on the side of gender discrimination with respect to Secondary schooling.

Whilst the boys are excluded, girls from all over the city and beyond are welcomed to Notre Dame High School when their parents make placing requests. As of 27 October 2017, 81 % of pupils attending NDH live out-with the catchment area for the school.

Only 28% of first year girls are from local feeder schools. Fewer and fewer local families are choosing to send their girls to Notre Dame High School, clearly not because it is not a good school, but because parents know that equality in 2018 is not achieved through segregation but through getting it right for every child – girls and boys.


Notre Dame Primary is currently operating over-capacity at 103% (478 of 462) while Notre Dame High School is under-capacity at 79% – 628 of 800), despite accommodating girls from across and outside the city.

In the period 2008-2016 school rolls at Notre Dame High saw a reduction from 825 to 658 (20% reduction). In the same period local co-ed schools saw an increase in demand by up to 30% for Hillhead High. Source: Scottish Government Data

While Notre Dame High is currently operating 21% under-capacity, Hillhead High is operating at 97% and Hyndland at 8% over-capacity. Source: Glasgow City Council.

With other local co-educational West End schools already bursting at the seams and local  school rolls predicted to rise 13-18% in the next 10 years, this is an urgent issue that impacts not just school rolls, but also placing requests across the West End Area. Source: Glasgow City Council.

School capacity is in the West End area is an issue that impacts ALL local families and will become more pressing as demand for places increases.


We would like local children from all backgrounds, religions (or no religion), race or gender too be:

– to be educated in a modern mixed sex environment that reflects what they will experience at university and in the workplace.

– educated at the same secondary school as siblings.

– to be educated with their friends whether male or female, transitioning TOGETHER like every other school in Scotland.

Please support our call to Glasgow City Council for an urgent consultation to allow boys into their local secondary school, Notre Dame High.


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